Full Cast: Cinderella 2014

Maldon Amateur Pantomime Society (MAPS) are a theatre group based in the idyllic town of Maldon, Essex who have been performing a Christmas Pantomime every year for over twenty years.

MAPS perform 6 shows a year over two weekends in January to combined audiences of over one thousand people. We believe a good quality pantomime is important as this is often the first introduction to live theatre for children.

Each and every show is made possible by the talented people behind it. From the design of superb scenery and colourful costumes, to the hand-made props and sets.

Formed in 1993 by enthusiastic members of local amateur dramatic societies, as well as other interested people, MAPS focussed solely on producing quality and traditional Pantomimes each year. With aims to stimulate interest in this unique form of entertainment for both adults and children alike and support local charities.

In 1999, Maldon Council opened a new Town Hall, situated on the site of the original Jubilee Hall. After having performed throughout the 1990s at the Plume School in Maldon, MAPS had the honour of staging the first major production held in January 2000. We have been performing to enthusiastic audiences every year since - often to full houses throughout the season!

Alice in Wonderland 2019 | Peter Pan 2018 | Dick Whittington 2017 | Aladdin 2016 | Snow White 2015 | Cinderella 2014 | Robin Hood 2013 | Sleeping Beauty 2012 | Alice in Wonderland 2011 | Puss in Boots 2010 | Wizard of Oz 2009 | Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves 2008 | Goldilocks and the Three Bears 2007 | Red Riding Hood 2006 | Dick Whitington 2005 | Snow White 2004 | Cinderella & Cinderella II 2003 | Mother Goose 2002 | Aladdin 2001 | King Arthur 2000 | Old Mother Hubbard 1999 | Jack & the Beanstalk 1998 | Sleeping Beauty 1997 | Over the Moon 1996 | Babes in the Wood 1995 | Peter Pan 1994

MAPS continues to grow each year in experience, quality and enthusiasm. With our friendly and fun atmosphere, we have many mediums in which you can get involved. From performing on stage in acting and chorus to helping backstage with props, costume, set, make-up and much more.

We also have a Junior Chorus, that comprises of twenty children, aged between 9 and 18.

Auditions for new productions are held in July and rehearsals commence early September (Tuesdays and Fridays) right through to the production weekends in January.

If you are interested in joining and getting involved with our society or would just like to find out more about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

News, important information, diary dates etc. are regularly posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as often appearing in the local press.


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